Book Review: Aurelia – Anne Osterlund


I gave this novel 2 out of 5 stars, it was a quick read but didn’t really capture my attention. Like the rating system says – it was okay.

“Mystery. Romance. Danger.”

According to the blurb, Aurelia by Anne Osterlund is supposed to be filled with mystery, romance, and danger. Though the story did have some mystery, danger, and romance, I found it to be very unsubstantial. The novel is about Aurelia, the crown princess of Tyralt, someone is trying to have her killed. An old friend, Robert, comes back to court from living in a far corner of the country to lead the investigation into the attempting assassin. The novel takes place in the past, in a time of kings and having to be courted for a romance, and the language reflects that.

I loved the fact that the language was fitting to the time period, to an extent of course, this made the novel quite poetic and lovely to read. I also found that Aurelia was rebellious enough, but not to an extent that the story becomes hard to believe. This seems to happen in a few other novels about the princess rebelling against the king, the Selection for example. In my eyes, this made the story more believable.

Besides that, I found the novel to be a letdown. For me there wasn’t enough mystery, I found the plot twist quite expected. Also, there was a lack of romance, I would have loved it if the author had gone into more depth about the courting process and the interactions between Aurelia and Robert. Lastly, I found the plot to be quite boring and unsatisfying, there was a lot of potential for the novel but unfortunately it was a letdown.

I gave this novel two out of five stars because I did like the plot idea, it just ended up being a boring novel. And I gave an extra star because even though the novel was boring, the writing style Osterlund used was amazing.


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