Book Review: the Jewel by Amy Ewing


I was really on the fence about this book. I really just could not decide if I liked it enough or not enough. So eventually I came to the conclusion that it was just not enough. Therefore, I gave this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Violet Lasting has been a surrogate since she was 12 when she was tested for a genetic mutation which makes it possible for you to have children. For some reason the richest families in the Jewel cannot get pregnant. This is why annually there is an Auction at which all the royalty buy surrogates. Surrogates are promised a better life in the Jewel, the richest area in the city, however once Violet arrives there she finds out most surrogates are treated very poorly. She finds two unexpected allies and worries about her best friend, Raven.

It’s not that this book is terrible, not at all. When I started this book I absolutely loved it. It had so much potential and I was just flying through it. Then Ash happened. I thought I was finally reading a dystopian novel where the girl isn’t suddenly overcome with love and romance. But apparently I was… I was really hoping that this novel was an exception to the girl needing to be saved by a guy trope, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Besides that, there was so much instalove in this book, it just really put me off the book a bit.

There were some redeeming qualities to this novel, I personally found Violet to be quite relatable. Although she was going through a rebellious phase, I didn’t find the rebellion to be fake or forced, like I often do in dystopian novels. I also did really enjoy the plot until Ash came into the story. And of course, the artwork that was in the front of the novel, I just love art in books. It makes the story so much easier to visualize and you really have the idea you’re seeing what the author wanted you to see.

I probably will be reading the second book in this series because I am quite curious as to what happens to Violet. I hope the duology will end on better terms. I would recommend this book to people who like romance and dystopian novels. But if that’s not your thing, don’t waste your time on this book.

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