April Wrap Up

So this was my first full blogging month, and I loved it! I have totally fallen in love with blogging and posting my thoughts and feelings about books. I love it even more when I am able to talk to people about these books.

But because it was my first official blogging month I also read a whole lot of books! When I looked at my read pile for April on Goodreads I was shocked and so proud! Here I will just post the books I read this month and the rating I gave them (if I haven’t reviewed the book yet I will not post the rating)

So I read 11 books this month! Which is amazing! Of those 11, three were 5 star ratings. Now that I look at it I may upgrade the Jewel to a 3.5 out of 5 stars because I did enjoy that book more than the Selection books. I think I was too brutal because besides the instalove, I enjoyed most of the story and it was quite original.

I also dnf’ed (did not finish) two books, which I really don’t mind. I know a lot of people don’t like stopping books but I honestly believe that life it too short to read bad books.

Furthermore, I  haven’t reviewed the Program yet but it will probably end up pretty high on the list because I really enjoyed that book.

These were all the books I read this month. I think I can say I had a pretty great reading month! Let me know what books you read this month and if you read any of the books I read what you thought of them!

I will be posting my May TBR soon!


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