TTT: Ten Websites I Love


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is the ten websites I love that aren’t related to books. I guess some of these are kind of cheating because I mostly use them for bookrelated things like twitter and youtube. But they weren’t made to be used for books, so I thought I might as well include them.

  1. Facebook – obviously haha, I think this will be on most people’s list.
  2. Twitter – I mostly use twitter to read updates about upcoming books and have contact with other book bloggers.
  3. Youtube – I love to watch booktube videos on there. My favorite booktubers to watch at the moment are Hails Hearts NYC, abookutopia, Tilly andherbooks, A Clockwork Reader,  and chelseadolling reads
  4. Netflix – this is probably also on everyone’s list.
  5. Pintrest – I don’t use this a lot, but I love to cook and when I’m looking for a new fun recipe to try I’ll look something up on pintrest.
  6. – this is kind of like the Dutch version of amazon.
  7. World of Wanderlust – I love this blog, I am a huge travel fanatic and I just love watching Brooke’s video’s on youtube and reading her blog posts on her blog.
  8. Wat een Studentje S’Avonds Eet – This is a Dutch food blog that I love to visit. Leonie always has cheep and tasty recipes on her blog that are perfect for students who are looking for some good meals on a budget.
  9. Sky radio – I listen to a lot of music when I’m doing stuff at home, reading or doing my homework. This is my favorite Dutch radio station.
  10.  Aspyn Ovard – I absolutely love her video’s on youtube and occasionaly I will read some posts on her blog as well.

6 thoughts on “TTT: Ten Websites I Love

  1. I love booktubers! Always love to explore more of them. I want Netflix too. I think I’m going to binge watch like crazy, but my current Internet isn’t good enough to stream reliably. 😦 I think the lines near my housing area is getting an upgrade soon, hope my house is included so I can subscribe to Netflix.

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    • Booktubers are awesome! I love watching hauls especially haha. Omg I don’t know how I would live without Netflix! I hope it gets fixed for you soon! Thanks for passing by! 🙂

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